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YouTube Transcript AI Summary

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This Chrome extension streamlines your video understanding process by providing comprehensive summaries of YouTube video transcripts. By using AI technology like OpenAI and ChatGPT, this tool transforms long lectures, presentations, or reviews into user-friendly, condensed formats.


  • AI-Powered Summaries of YouTube Video Transcripts
  • Manual Summary Submission
  • Text Splitting for Easy Content Digestion
  • Customized Prompt Entry
  • Automation using OpenAI (Pro version)
  • YouTube Captions Summarization (Pro version)


  • Enhanced Understanding: Easily grasp the main points of extensive YouTube videos.
  • Time and Effort Saving: Avoid spending an extended amount of time watching long videos.
  • Personalized Summaries: Use customized prompts to focus on specific information.

Potential Use Cases:

  • Students needing to digest large amounts of video lecture content quickly.
  • Research professionals finding key points in lengthy discussion videos.
  • Casual viewers who prefer to understand the gist of video content without watching the entire video.

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