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What is WhatGPT?

WhatGPT is an AI assistant tool that enhances your WhatsApp experience by providing quick and accurate answers to your questions. It is based on ChatGPT, an advanced language model that is trained to understand and respond to human queries.

Key features of WhatGPT include:

  • Quick Reply Suggestions: Save time by choosing from AI-curated quick replies instead of typing out your entire question.
  • Straight to the Point: WhatGPT’s AI is designed to provide concise and to-the-point responses, making it perfect for fast-paced conversations.
  • Dig Deeper and Research: If you want to explore a topic further, WhatGPT can generate a list of web links for you to delve into.
  • Always Online: With WhatGPT, there are no login expirations, captchas, or downtime periods. It is always available and just a message away.

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