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Pricing: Your AI-Powered Startup Accelerator and Validator

Overview is a revolutionary platform designed to assist entrepreneurs in their startup journey. The website offers a unique AI-powered tool that validates startup ideas and provides crucial insights for consideration. From marketing strategies to customer development and competition analysis, is your one-stop solution for all startup needs. The platform also offers an AI-customized startup accelerator program, providing a day-by-day roadmap to success.

Key Features

  • Startup Idea Validation: Input your startup idea and let the AI validate it, providing you with important considerations.
  • AI-Generated Startup Ideas: If you don’t have an idea, the AI can generate one for you.
  • AI-Customized Startup Accelerator: This feature offers a day-by-day roadmap to follow, customized to your goals, experience level, and ideas.
  • AI-Powered Startup Mentor Chatbot: Get assistance understanding each day’s activity with an AI chatbot trained on your idea.
  • Community Feedback: Connect with a community of entrepreneurs and get feedback on your startup journey.


  • Free to Use: The startup idea validation and generation tools are 100% free.
  • Customized Roadmap: The AI customizes the roadmap based on your goals, experience level, and ideas, making your journey unique to you.
  • No Gatekeepers: The startup accelerator is open to everyone, with no applications, cohorts, or gatekeepers.
  • World-Class Curriculum: The platform uses the same curriculum taught by the world’s top accelerators.
  • AI Assistance: The AI chatbot provides guidance and answers questions along the way.

Use Cases

  • Idea Validation: Entrepreneurs can use to validate their startup ideas, getting insights on marketing, customer development, and competition analysis.
  • Idea Generation: If you’re struggling to come up with a startup idea, the AI can generate one for you.
  • Startup Acceleration: The AI-customized startup accelerator provides a day-by-day roadmap to follow, helping you make progress one step at a time.
  • Mentorship: The AI-powered startup mentor chatbot can assist you in understanding each day’s activity, providing guidance when you have questions. is a game-changer for entrepreneurs, providing AI-powered tools and resources to help you navigate your startup journey. Whether you’re validating an idea, generating a new one, or looking for a roadmap to success, has you covered.

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