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Upword: AI notes & summarization tool

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What is Upword: AI Notes & Summarization Tool?

Upword is an innovative Chrome extension that serves as an AI-powered research assistant, revolutionizing the way users conduct online research and reading. It allows for rapid, AI-generated summary notes, making research and reading online up to 10 times faster.

Upword leverages advanced models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT to scan content and extract key ideas, simplifying the process of digesting information on web pages. This extension stands out by offering features such as generating notes from YouTube videos, sharing summaries directly to Slack, and providing a seamless, registration-free experience.

It’s built to cater to anyone looking to enhance productivity and comprehension while navigating through vast amounts of information online. Users can enjoy three free summaries a day, with options to clip content to a lifelong library and share notes effortlessly.

For those seeking more advanced features, Upword PRO offers unlimited summaries, AI Copilot, personalized AI notes, summary documents, text-to-speech capabilities, and a comprehensive library search feature.



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