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Upscayl is a revolutionary open-source solution leveraging AI to upscale low-resolution images into crisp, high-quality outputs. Serving photography enthusiasts, digital artists, and media professionals, this tool dramatically simplifies image enhancement processes. With minimal hardware requirements and easy accessibility, Upscayl presents the future of image upscaling.


1. AI Image Upscaling: Leveraging state-of-art AI, Upscayl transforms your low-resolution images into high-definition versions.

2. Device Agnostic: Upscale anywhere, anytime, any device – no specific hardware requirements.

3. Face Enhancement: Specific feature to give your faces a high-quality lift.

4. Video Upscaling: Upscale your videos maintaining the same level of quality.

5. Open-Source Tool: Free and customizable for all users, enabling constant improvements and engagement.


1. Enhanced Image Quality: Boost the resolution of any image for a crisp, clear output.

2. Time & Resource Efficient: Forget about time-consuming, manual editing or high-end hardware requirements.

3. Versatility: Suitable for images and videos, Upscayl can cater to a broad spectrum of media enhancements.

Potential Use Cases

1. Professional Photography: Upscale and enhance photos for the best image quality.

2. Digital Art Creation: Create stunning art and designs with high-quality imagery.

3. Content Creation: For content creators, a great tool to have high-resolution images and videos.

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