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What is Tutory?

Tutory is a personalized education companion that utilizes AI technology to provide assistance and support to learners of all ages and skill levels. It serves as a friendly AI tutor and teaching assistant, ready to help whenever needed. Whether you have a question, need help with homework, or want feedback on your writing, Tutory is there to provide the necessary guidance.

Key features of Tutory include:

  • – Socratically focused learning: Tutory guides learners towards understanding concepts instead of simply providing direct answers.
  • – Personalized learning experience: Tutory’s adaptive memory understands each learner deeply, tailoring the learning experience like no other AI tutor can.
  • – Intuitive and fun: Tutory makes learning complex subjects easy and enjoyable by using everyday language and a variety of techniques.
  • – Assistance for educators: Tutory also serves as a teaching assistant for educators, helping with tasks such as creating assignments, suggesting grading, and creating rubrics.
  • – Support for parents: Tutory can be a valuable copilot for parents, assisting with their child’s learning journey, generating practice problems, and providing an approachable understanding of what their child is learning in class.



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