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TIMi is a comprehensive suite of tools that caters to all your data analysis needs. From ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) to BI (Business Intelligence), predictive modeling, process automation, and visualization, TIMi has got you covered. The platform is designed to boost the analytical culture within your company, providing a robust framework that handles large datasets, computes complex KPIs, and creates accurate predictive models without requiring specialized analytics knowledge.

What are the Key Features of TIMi?

  • TIMi Framework: A comprehensive suite of four tools that cover all your data analysis needs.
    • Anatella: The heart of TIMi’s integrated platform.
    • Stardust: Offers 3D VR segmentation and visualization.
    • Modeler: TIMi’s real-time AUTO-ML engine.
    • Kibella: Provides unlimited self-service Business Intelligence.
  • Solutions: TIMi offers solutions for customer experience, strategic decisions, business intelligence, risk management, automated processes, and other innovations.
  • Customer Stories: TIMi is used by major consulting firms and telecom companies worldwide.
  • Support & Training: TIMi provides documentation, community forums, and training sessions for all its products.
  • Downloads: Users can download the TIMi Community Edition for free and start modeling in minutes.

What are the Benefits of using TIMi?

  • Efficiency: TIMi allows you to manipulate large datasets and compute complex KPIs efficiently.
  • User-friendly: The platform is designed to be easy to use, even for those without specialized analytics knowledge.
  • Comprehensive: TIMi provides a complete suite of tools for all your data analysis needs.
  • Real-time Analytics: With TIMi’s real-time analytical engine, you can update your 360° customer-view in near real-time.

What are the Use Cases of TIMi?

  • Customer Experience: TIMi’s solutions can help you generate leads, forecast customer lifetime value, and offer the next best product.
  • Strategic Decisions: Use TIMi to create predictive models for strategic & tactical decisions, simulate direct ROI, and optimize resource allocation & planning.
  • Business Intelligence: TIMi offers self-service analytics, dashboarding, and citizen developer solutions.
  • Risk Management: TIMi’s tools can be used for risk management in various industries.
  • Automated Processes: TIMi can help automate data integration, data quality management, data warehousing, BI integration, and reporting & OLAP.

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