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What is Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots?

Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots is a customer experience platform that enhances Shopify stores by integrating live chat, AI chatbots, and a ticketing system. Launched on July 14, 2014, and based in the United States, Tidio is available in multiple languages including English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. This app is particularly adept at converting passive website visitors into active buyers through proactive engagement and automated customer service solutions.

Key features of Tidio include a straightforward live chat interface and AI-driven chatbots that respond instantly to common customer inquiries, thus boosting sales and support efficiency. The platform also supports ticketing for organizing customer requests, email marketing, and integration with major tools like Zendesk, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics.

For Shopify store owners, Tidio offers special functionalities that allow store integrations within seconds, viewing visitor carts, checking order history, and even recommending products during live interactions. It’s engineered to work seamlessly with the latest Shopify themes and can significantly simplify customer communication management across various channels, including social media.



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