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Dive into the future of infrastructure design with TerraSketcher! This groundbreaking platform takes your hand-drawn sketches and effortlessly converts them into polished diagrams and Terraform code. No matter the complexity of your infrastructure ideas, TerraSketcher is up for the challenge.

What are the Key Features of TerraSketcher?

  1. Versatile Decoding Capability
    • TerraSketcher can handle any infrastructure sketch requirement, from simple to complex. For optimal results, we recommend submitting sketches with clear text and well-defined arrows.
  2. Out of the Box Cloud Diagrams
    • It supports a wide range of diagrams, from cloud-based to on-premises. These diagrams are polished and formatted for immediate use in your technical documentation.
  3. Infra Sketch to Terraform Code
    • Along with the professional cloud diagram, TerraSketcher provides Terraform code to expedite your deployment process. This feature is ideal for demos and PoCs.
  4. Draw.io File for Further Editing
    • The platform provides a Draw.io compatible file for each conversion, allowing you to download your diagrams and refine them using Draw.io’s comprehensive editing tools.

What are the Benefits of using TerraSketcher?

  1. Efficiency
    • TerraSketcher saves you time by transforming your sketches into professional diagrams and Terraform code.
  2. Versatility
    • Whether you’re working on a simple or complex project, it can handle it all.
  3. Professionalism
    • TerraSketcher’s diagrams are polished and ready for use in your technical documentation.
  4. Flexibility
    • With the Draw.io compatible file, you can continue to refine your diagrams as needed.

What are the Use Cases of TerraSketcher?

  1. Technical Documentation
    • Use TerraSketcher to create professional diagrams for your technical documentation.
  2. Demos and PoCs
    • Utilize the Terraform code provided by the platform to expedite your demo or PoC deployment process.
  3. Project Planning
    • Use the platform to transform your project planning sketches into professional diagrams.
  4. Team Collaboration
    • Share your TerraSketcher diagrams with your team to facilitate collaboration and communication.

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