Summer AI

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What is Summer AI?

Summer AI is an AI audio tour guide app that serves as your assistant for planning a day out. It is available on the App Store and offers a free trial. With Summer AI, you can discover millions of points of interest, including attractions, landmarks, and top venues nearby.

The app provides daily local events information, keeping you updated on concerts, book readings, farmers markets, and kids activities happening in your city. One of the unique features of Summer AI is its augmented reality capability, allowing you to pan your phone around and see where landmarks or events are located.

The app also offers turn-by-turn navigation, making it easy for you to find your desired point of interest or event. Summer AI has multiple AI hosts, each with their own area of expertise, such as history and economics, adding a unique charm to the narration. The app is unguided and unrestricted, providing hidden stories and interesting facts wherever you go.

The technical process behind the app involves web scraping, linking data, filtering, summarization, fact checking, and text-to-speech. The final product is verified by both AI and human moderation.

Key features of Summer AI:

  • Millions of Points Of Interest
  • Daily Local Events
  • Augmented Reality
  • Turn by Turn Navigation
  • Multiple Hosts
  • Unguided and Unrestricted experience

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