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Stellar Art AI is a groundbreaking platform that marries human creativity with the precision of artificial intelligence, providing a suite of over 30 advanced models for image generation. Operating on the innovative Polygon zkEVM, it offers a seamless experience for artists and creators to transform their ideas into stunning visuals. With Stellar Art AI, the process of creating art becomes a dialogue between the artist’s vision and AI’s execution, resulting in spectacular, high-quality images that push the boundaries of digital artistry.


  • AI Image Generator: Turn ideas into visuals with ease.
  • Advanced Models: Over 30 models for diverse artistic expressions.
  • Polygon zkEVM Integration: A cutting-edge platform for efficient transactions.
  • Stability AI Technology: Backed by Stable Diffusion for reliable performance.


  • Creative Freedom: Boundless artistic exploration with AI assistance.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Quick generation of complex images.
  • High-Quality Results: Professional-grade visuals with fine details.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive tools for artists of all skill levels.

Potential Use Cases:

  • Digital Art Creation: Produce art for personal or commercial use.
  • NFT Artwork: Design unique NFTs with AI-generated images.
  • Educational Purposes: Teach art and technology through AI.
  • Entertainment Industry: Concept art and storyboarding for films and games.

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