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What is Stablematic?

Stablematic is a powerful tool that allows users to run Stable Diffusion and any machine learning model with ease. It provides a user-friendly web interface and utilizes the latest and best GPUs for optimal performance.

With Stablematic, users can create content magic by using text prompts to generate videos and animations, merge multiple models, and train image models. The tool offers fast and easy setup, requiring just one click to get started.

It also provides transparent runtime pricing, ensuring users only pay for the time the Stable Diffusion playground is up and running. Additionally, Stablematic offers a dedicated GPU playground instance, eliminating queues and coldstart problems.

Key Features:

  • Fast and easy setup
  • Transparent runtime pricing
  • Dedicated GPU playground instance
  • Pre-installed models and support
  • Merge and train custom models and embeddings
  • API access
  • Unlock future access bonuses and perks from Spellbook Labs

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