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What is SOMA: Research Automation Platform?

SOMA is a research automation platform that aims to accelerate medical innovation. It is designed to analyze and extract important concepts from medical research articles, identifying causal and associative relationships between them. The platform then organizes this information into a specialized database, forming a knowledge graph. Researchers can specify a pair of concepts, and the system will retrieve causal chains with specified lengths, providing links to research articles that support these chains.

Key features of SOMA:

  • Speedup: The platform offers up to 100x speedup due to process automation.
  • Collate Articles That Matter: SOMA analyzes and extracts important concepts from medical research articles, organizing them into a knowledge graph.
  • API Access: The platform can be primarily used via API, allowing users to build their own pipelines in Python, R, or any other language.
  • Community Support: Users can join the growing community for assistance and collaboration.
  • Enhance Literature Review: SOMA helps researchers find relevant articles based on causal chains, enabling them to uncover hidden connections.
  • Gain Efficiency: The platform saves time by organizing reviews and providing insights.
  • Freemium Sign Up: The platform offers basic functionality for free indefinitely, with the option to subscribe to a paid plan for advanced features.

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