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Forget insurance headaches! Sohar Health is your secret weapon for streamlining patient eligibility verification. This awesome platform automates the process for hundreds of insurers, so you can ditch the paperwork and focus on what you do best – helping your patients. Top behavioral health providers trust Sohar Health to save them time and ensure accuracy, so you can too!

What are the Key Features of Sohar Health?

  • Automated Eligibility Verification: Sohar Health offers automated and accurate insurance eligibility verification for behavioral health providers, ensuring an accuracy level of 99%.
  • Resource Optimization: The platform helps reduce time spent on manual operations, allowing teams to focus on delivering best-in-class outcomes at scale.
  • Increased Patient Intake: By verifying eligibility for behavioral health coverage automatically on patient intake, Sohar Health helps increase conversion rates.
  • Revenue Enhancement: The platform helps reduce preventable claim denials by providing detailed information about patients’ coverage, thereby increasing revenue.
  • Integration with EHR/Practice Management Solution: Sohar Health integrates with your EHR/ Practice Management Solution to synchronize your patient roster.
  • Developer-Friendly: The platform offers powerful, easy-to-use APIs, along with access to API documentation, libraries, and technical support.

Benefits of Using Sohar Health

  • Efficiency: By automating the eligibility verification process, Sohar Health saves time and resources that can be better utilized for patient care.
  • Accuracy: The platform ensures an accuracy level of 99% in verifying patient eligibility across hundreds of insurance providers.
  • Increased Revenue: By reducing preventable claim denials, Sohar Health helps increase your revenue.
  • Ease of Integration: The platform can be easily integrated with your existing EHR/ Practice Management Solution.

Use Cases of Sohar Health

  • Behavioral Health Providers: Sohar Health is ideal for behavioral health providers looking to streamline their insurance eligibility verification process and increase patient intake.
  • Healthcare Developers: With its powerful APIs, Sohar Health is a great tool for healthcare developers looking to build or enhance healthcare applications.
  • Healthcare Administrators: For healthcare administrators, Sohar Health can help optimize resources, increase efficiency, and enhance revenue.

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