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What is Shortwave?

Shortwave is an email app that utilizes AI technology to help users save time and increase productivity. With Shortwave, users can unlock answers and insights by using AI-powered search to analyze their entire email history in seconds.

The app also offers the ability to write perfect emails with personalized drafts created using Ghostwriter, an AI technology that learns how users write. Shortwave can even break down language barriers with instant, high-quality translations for both reading and writing emails.

Additionally, the app allows users to organize their inbox the way they want, prioritize their work, and reach peak productivity. Shortwave is available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Key features of Shortwave

  • AI Assistant: Meet your AI executive assistant that can provide answers and insights.
  • Powerful search: Write complex queries to find what you need quickly.
  • Undo send: Send emails with confidence knowing that mistakes can be undone.
  • Scheduled send: Send emails on your own terms while respecting everyone’s time.
  • Calendar integration: Accept or reject calendar invites in-app with one click.
  • Granular push controls: Personalize your push notifications to minimize disruptions.
  • Do Not Disturb: Only receive push notifications when you want them.
  • Light & dark modes: Switch between two beautifully-designed themes.
  • Thread links: Reference your emails from other apps with permanent links.
  • Saved searches: Add your favorite senders, labels, and searches to your sidebar.
  • Blocked tracking pixels: Keep your privacy intact with auto-removal of invasive trackers.
  • Multi-account support: Quickly switch between Gmail accounts on any device.
  • Command palette: Navigate and take action from your keyboard with ease.
  • Security & privacy: Shortwave prioritizes user security and privacy.
  • Signatures & aliases: Import signatures and send from any of your aliases securely.

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