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Revolutionize Your Market Research with Roundtable’s AI-Powered Tools


Roundtable Technologies, Inc. is a cutting-edge platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the quality and efficiency of market research. The website offers a suite of AI tools designed to help users ask better questions, find the right participants, and gather more accurate data. With features like Alias and Simulator, Roundtable is transforming the way businesses conduct survey research.

Key Features

  1. Alias:
    • Alias is an AI tool that safeguards your data quality by identifying AI agents, bots, and other forms of survey fraud.
    • It operates through a simple API call, making it easy to integrate into your existing survey system.
  2. Simulator:
    • The Simulator feature allows users to predict how any audience will respond to any question instantly.
    • This tool can help you tailor your surveys more effectively, ensuring you ask the right questions to the right audience.


  1. Enhanced Data Quality:
    • By identifying and eliminating survey fraud, Alias ensures the data you collect is genuine and reliable.
    • This leads to more accurate insights and better-informed business decisions.
  2. Improved Efficiency:
    • The Simulator feature saves time by predicting audience responses, allowing you to refine your survey questions before you even send them out.
    • This means less time spent on trial and error and more time spent on analyzing results and implementing changes.

Use Cases

  1. Market Research:
    • Use Alias to ensure the integrity of your data when conducting market research surveys.
    • Use Simulator to predict audience responses and tailor your surveys accordingly.
  2. Customer Feedback:
    • Implement Alias when collecting customer feedback to ensure you’re hearing from real customers, not bots.
    • Use Simulator to predict how customers might respond to feedback questions, helping you ask the right questions to get the most valuable feedback.

Roundtable’s AI-powered tools are revolutionizing the way businesses conduct market research. By ensuring data quality and improving efficiency, Roundtable allows businesses to gather more accurate insights and make better-informed decisions. Whether you’re conducting market research or collecting customer feedback, Roundtable’s AI tools can help you optimize your survey process.

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