Rewind AI

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What is Rewind?

Rewind is a personalized AI tool that utilizes everything you’ve seen, said, or heard to provide you with a comprehensive AI assistant.

It captures your screen and audio in the background, compresses, transcribes, encrypts, and stores the data locally on your device.

With Rewind, you can ask your AI assistant to summarize meetings, draft emails, and perform various tasks to enhance your productivity. It is designed to help professionals work smarter and faster by leveraging AI technology.

Rewind is praised for its privacy-first approach, ensuring that all recordings and data remain secure and accessible only to the user.

Key features of Rewind include:

  • Personalized AI assistant
  • Automated note-taking and meeting summaries
  • Backup and retrieval of lost work
  • AI-powered email drafting
  • Privacy-focused storage and encryption

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