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What is Relevance AI?

Relevance AI is a platform that allows users to easily build, deploy, and train their AI workforce. It enables businesses to grow their operations without increasing their headcount by automating tasks and processes using artificial intelligence.

With Relevance AI, users can create AI agents, set up AI tools, and build their AI workforce to handle various functions such as sales, marketing, customer support, research, and operations.

The platform offers features like AI clustering, AI tagging, document AI, and a blog generator. Relevance AI supports multiple LLM providers like OpenAI, Google, Meta, and Anthropic, and ensures security with SOC 2 Type 2 certification and GDPR compliance.

Key features:

  • AI Agents: Create autonomous co-workers empowered by AI tools.
  • AI Tools: Use pre-built templates or start from scratch to build AI workflows.
  • AI Clustering: Categorize and label data without human bias.
  • Tableau-like chart creator: Create visualizations for data analysis.
  • Document AI: Turn PDFs into tables and search data within documents.
  • Blog generator: Generate high-quality blog posts using AI.
  • Ask Relevance – AI Assistant: Get answers to questions from AI.

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