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Enhance User Experience with Lifelike Text to Speech from ReadSpeaker


ReadSpeaker is a pioneering voice technology offering a range of powerful text-to-speech solutions. The platform equips brands, companies, and organizations to deliver an improved end-user experience, reducing costs while enhancing interaction with services, applications, devices, and content.

Key Features

  1. Solutions:
    • ReadSpeaker Online: Offers three products – webReader, docReader, and TextAid for convenient online text-to-speech conversion.
    • ReadSpeaker Learning: Has a range of solutions for Education, Assessments, K12, Higher Education, Corporate Learning, and Learning Management Systems.
    • ReadSpeaker Enterprise: Comprises many options tailored for businesses such as custom text-to-speech voices, voice cloning software, and a speech cloud API.
  2. Applications:
    • The platform has numerous applications across sectors including Accessibility, Automotive, Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, and many more.
  3. Resources:
    • Resources, including a learning library and TTS talks and webinars, are available for users to learn more about text-to-speech technology.


  • Extends the Reach of Content: ReadSpeaker makes content accessible to individuals with literacy difficulties, learning disabilities, or reduced vision and those learning a new language.
  • Enhances Brand Voice: High-quality Text-To-Speech voices or custom voices can increase visibility in the voice user interface, thereby improving the customer journey.
  • Improves Business Outcomes: Integrators and developers benefit from adding speech output to services and applications, offering a wider-reaching, more personalized customer interaction experience.

Use Cases

  1. Education: ReadSpeaker can act as an aid for K12 and Higher Education students, providing an alternative way to absorb learning materials.
    • It’s ideal for students with reading difficulties or vision impairment.
  2. Corporate Learning: Used in a corporate setting to provide training and development to employees with different learning styles.
  3. Automotive Applications: Can be integrated into vehicle navigation and interaction systems.
  4. Healthcare: Can assist visually impaired or elderly patients in reading vital health-related information.
  5. Publishing: Streamlines the digitization process, making a wide range of publications more accessible to consumers.

ReadSpeaker, with its lifelike text-to-speech technology, results in engaging content, powerful brand voice, and enhanced business outcomes. Whether it’s developing services for website visitors, creating mobile app experiences, supporting online learners, or assisting subscribers or consumers, ReadSpeaker caters to the needs of each user, taking their interactions to new heights.

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