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proudP: Your Personal Prostate Health Monitor at Home

Welcome to the world of proudP, a revolutionary personal prostate health monitor designed to empower men to take control of their urinary health. This innovative app, endorsed by urologists and classified as an FDA Class II Medical Device, offers a unique approach to monitoring prostate and bladder health.


proudP is a user-friendly app that uses advanced AI sound analytics to analyze urine sounds and provide key metrics on prostate and bladder health. It’s a HIPAA compliant tool that offers clinical accuracy, making it a reliable choice for men seeking to monitor their urinary health at home.

Key Features

  1. Personal Prostate Health Monitor: proudP allows you to monitor your prostate health from the comfort of your own bathroom.
    • It measures uroflow metrics that urologists use to assess the prostate and urinary systems, including voided volume, max flow rate, average flow rate, and voiding time.
  2. Selfcare with Bladder Diary & Trends: The app enables you to keep track of your urinary health over time, helping you identify patterns and trends.
    • This feature can be particularly useful in managing chronic symptoms and understanding the effectiveness of treatments.
  3. Share Results with Doctor: proudP allows you to share your results with your doctor, facilitating better communication and more informed decision-making during consultations.


  1. Clinical Accuracy: proudP offers clinical accuracy, providing reliable data that you can trust.
    • This accuracy is backed by its classification as an FDA Class II Medical Device.
  2. Urologist Endorsed: The app is endorsed by urologists, adding an extra layer of credibility to its offerings.
    • This endorsement means that medical professionals trust the app’s capabilities and accuracy.
  3. HIPAA Compliant: proudP is HIPAA compliant, ensuring that your personal health information is protected and handled with the utmost care.

Use Cases

  1. Monitoring Prostate Health: If you’re experiencing symptoms such as a weak urine stream, nighttime bathroom trips, or urgent needs to urinate, proudP can help you monitor these symptoms and provide valuable data on your prostate health.
  2. Managing Chronic Symptoms: For those dealing with chronic urinary symptoms, proudP can be an essential tool in tracking symptoms over time and understanding the effectiveness of treatments.
  3. Preventive Care: Even if you’re not currently experiencing symptoms, proudP can be a valuable tool in preventive care, helping you establish a baseline for your urinary health and identify any changes over time.

In conclusion, proudP is a groundbreaking tool that brings prostate health monitoring into the digital age. Whether you’re dealing with chronic symptoms or simply want to take a proactive approach to your health, proudP offers a convenient, reliable, and secure way to monitor your urinary health.

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