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What is ProtoText?

ProtoText is a free desktop app that utilizes AI and “Cards” to assist with brainstorming, composing multilingual text, building knowledge networks, and creating flexible multimedia presentations.

It offers a user-friendly interface and allows for the connection of modern services to generate and modify content.

ProtoText is designed to help users focus on their own thoughts and provides features such as a card-based approach to writing, the ability to connect cards and pages into a network, integration with AI products and APIs, translation capabilities, full-screen presentation mode, data export with semantic formatting, and data encryption for protection.

It is a minimalistic, private, and offline-first tool with no ads or registration required. ProtoText is open-source and constantly evolving with the support of its community.

Key features of ProtoText

  • Card-based approach to writing
  • One-key markup and split-screen view for flexible content control
  • Ability to connect cards, pages, and docs into a knowledge network
  • Integration with AI products and APIs for text composition, image creation, speech synthesis, and more
  • Translation of content into multiple languages
  • Full-screen presentation mode for impactful presentations
  • Data export with semantic formatting
  • Data protection with strong encryption

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