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Streamline Market Research with PromptLoop: Excel and Sheets Enhanced by AI

Are you tired of trawling the internet for usable data for market research? Enter PromptLoop, a cutting-edge platform powered by custom AI models, designed to revolutionize market research by integrating seamlessly into your Excel and Google Sheets documents. Let’s explore how PromptLoop is shaping the future of data processing and web research.


PromptLoop is a revolutionary tool that empowers users to streamline their market research process with AI-powered data solutions. With the option to unlock fast, reliable, and customized tasks to crawl websites, pull out insights, and filter datasets specific to your market, PromptLoop is adept at converting complex information into valuable insights, all on an accessible platform that you can use right from your spreadsheets to company databases.

Key Features

  • Custom AI-Driven Web Research
    • Enables users to leverage advanced AI models for efficient text analysis and labeling within Google Sheets and Excel.
    • Offers custom tasks tailored to specific needs and exclusive to the organization, ensuring a personalized experience.
  • AI Models for Market Research
    • Users can execute complex tasks with ease – from intelligent tagging, labeling, and analysis to finding bespoke data from websites.
  • Content Quality Analysis
    • The tool can rank and rate content and survey responses, boosting quality assurance.
  • Repeatable Workflows
    • Seamless integration with existing models provides unprecedented efficiency and flexibility in customizing and adapting to current work processes.


  • User-friendly: PromptLoop sports a simple-to-use interface that requires no coding skills—no need for engineers or outsourcing work.
  • Time-efficient: Current customers have reported saving up to 85% of their time on existing workflows.
  • Dependable: With its precision and reliability, PromptLoop’s ability to perform extensive searches simultaneously sets it a notch above competitors in the market.
  • Flexible: PromptLoop allows users to run AI workflows like finding specific data from websites and adding custom categories to datasets.

Use Cases

  1. Sales/Marketing Efforts: With accuracy rates over 90%, it ensures reliable data for effective strategic planning and decision-making processes.
  2. Survey Analysis: Eliminates the need for manually examining survey results, thereby saving significant time and reducing errors.
  3. Data Enrichment: It effortlessly fills gaps in lead data, offering a perfect way to add custom fields and labels.

No more manually combing through data – PromptLoop’s AI models simplify market research, offering a near-zero adoption time and precise, dependable results.

Join the future of market research today with PromptLoop and witness how using AI can accelerate your research in just minutes.

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