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PrankGPT is an unconventional tool that blends humor and advanced technology to set-up one-of-a-kind pranks. This unique platform allows users to enter the phone number of the individual they wish to prank and choose from two distinctive AI voices: Marv the OG evil prankbot or Zephyr a gen Z queen voice by rimeai. Further, users can provide a prompt to guide the AI’s conversation. The perfect ingredient to add some wholesome laughter to your day!


AI-Powered Pranks: Real-time prank calls generated using AI technology.

Customizable AI Voices: Choose between Marv the OG evil prankbot or Zephyr, a gen Z queen voice by rimeai.

User-defined Prank Guide: Users can provide custom prompts to shape the conversation during the pranks.


Innovative Entertainment: Provides a new way to create light-hearted fun using AI technology.

Customizable: Allows users to mold the prank calls according to their preferences.

Hands-off Pranking: Delivers personalized pranks without requiring continuous creative input.

Potential Use Cases:

Social Icebreakers: Perfect tool to spark lively conversations at social events and gatherings.

Content Creation: Ideal for influencers and social media content creators to generate unique, engaging content.

Personal Entertainment: Use in personal spaces for a good dose of amusement.

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