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What is PracticeTalking?

PracticeTalking is an AI-powered tool that allows users to have fun or educational conversations with virtual agents. Whether you want to chat with your favorite celebrity, practice for a job interview, or have a conversation with a historical figure, PracticeTalking has got you covered.

With this tool, you can easily create your own AI or use pre-trained AIs from the community. It’s a great way to practice important conversations before they actually happen and receive feedback to improve your skills.

PracticeTalking offers a wide range of AI agents, including ones for crush conversations, job interviews, college admissions interviews, and more.

Key features of PracticeTalking:

  • Have conversations with virtual agents
  • Create your own AI or use pre-trained AIs
  • Practice important conversations before they happen
  • Receive feedback to improve your skills
  • Wide range of AI agents available
  • Continuously releasing new AIs

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