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Polarr Copilot is an innovative platform that leverages artificial intelligence to transform text into stunning photo, video, and design edits. With Polarr Copilot, you can describe the edits you want, and the AI will convert your text prompts into the desired aesthetics. Whether you’re a professional editor or a beginner, Polarr Copilot is designed to make your editing process faster, easier, and more creative.

Key Features of Polarr Copilot

  • Photo Editing Copilot: Use your imagination to edit photos. Describe the edits you want for people, surroundings, or colors, and Polarr Copilot will convert your text prompts into the desired aesthetics.
  • Video Editing Copilot: Make complex video effects easy. From cinematic colors, advanced transitions to impressive effects, the 24FPS Copilot generates innovative concepts using your words and explains how they were made.
  • Design Copilot: Get instant design templates made for businesses. Design Copilot produces customized social posts based on your input images.
  • Background Edits: Change the vibe atmosphere of your images and videos with prompts like “add snow to the background”.
  • Color Adjustments: Easily try new aesthetics or replicate your favorite shows like “Give me a retro Cyberpunk edit.”
  • Object Selection: Control edits for particular objects such as “I want my car to be a blue color.” in photos.
  • Face Tracking: Add elements around a person’s head such as asking “Add a progress bar to my head for a cyberpunk feel” in videos.
  • Filter Discovery: Ask the copilot to find a particular Polarr filter such as “apply the most popular barbie core filter” in photos.
  • Overlays: Add unique overlays to your videos through prompts like “make it look like it is snowing”.
  • Face Editing (Coming soon): Restore face details and beautify faces.
  • Erasing (Coming soon): Naturally remove arbitrary objects in photos.

Benefits of Using Polarr Copilot

  • High Resolution Outputs: Export large files to meet every application requirement.
  • Photo Realistic Workflows: Create photorealistic edits suitable for broad use cases.
  • Easily Create Variations: Effortlessly refine with additional variations to pick the best results.

Use Cases of Polarr Copilot

  • For Photographers: Polarr Copilot can help photographers to quickly edit their photos according to their desired aesthetics.
  • For Videographers: Videographers can use the 24FPS Copilot to generate innovative concepts and apply advanced transitions and effects to their videos.
  • For Designers: Designers can use the Design Copilot to produce customized social posts based on their input images.
  • For Businesses: Businesses can use Polarr Copilot to create high-quality, professional-looking images and videos for their marketing campaigns.

Polarr Copilot is committed to serving its community of creators in their best interest and fostering a safe environment. The platform includes protective measures to prevent the generation of harmful or unsafe edits. Try Polarr Copilot today and bring your creative visuals to life without starting from scratch.


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