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OpenAI in Spreadsheet

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What is is a next-generation online spreadsheet that combines the familiar features of a traditional spreadsheet with the power of a database, project management tools, no-code automations, integrations, and real-time updates. It allows users to build their own no-code solutions for various purposes such as project management, CRM, ATS, ERP, and more. With, users can plan, manage, collaborate, automate, and report on any kind of work within a single platform.

Key features of include:

  • Sheet Views: Customized views of data for better organization
  • Gantt Chart Views: Interactive gantt charts for project management
  • Kanban Views: Interactive kanban boards for workflow management
  • Form Views: Collect data from anyone with shareable, embeddable forms
  • Calendar Views: Schedule work with an interactive calendar view
  • Attachments: File attachments that live in cells with thumbnails and document preview
  • Related Rows: Link worksheets together like database tables
  • Charts: Choose from over 14 different chart types to visualize data
  • Automations: Create no-code workflows to automate repetitive tasks
  • Integrations: Connect with other tools
  • Reports: Create and share a single view of data across multiple sheets
  • Dashboards: Get an overview of important work at a glance

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