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What is is a powerful AI press release writing tool developed by the team at It utilizes GPT-3 OpenAI technology to generate compelling and eye-catching press releases in just a matter of minutes. While the tool is highly efficient, it is important to note that human editing is always recommended to ensure the highest quality and accuracy of the content.

Key Features:

  • Distribution to Google News & 500+ Websites
  • Access to all of Newsworthy’s News Marketing tools
  • Option to write a new press release or improve an existing one
  • Provides creative ideas to enhance existing press releases
  • Offers a variety of prompts and ideas for different types of news announcements, such as new product launches, events/conferences, speaking engagements, awards, business growth/milestones, partnerships, new hires/promotions, funding news, and content releases
  • Tools and resources available to enhance and edit AI-generated content
  • Opportunity to become an influencer partner and get paid for sharing content

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