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Introducing Naming Magic, a remarkable AI-powered application engineered to streamline and revolutionize your company naming process. This innovative tool, a product by Swift Ventures, employs cutting-edge GPT-3 natural language technology to intuitively generate unique company names based on your input parameters. Furthermore, it simplifies your entrepreneurial journey by suggesting available domains, thus accelerating your digital presence-building. Whether just starting your business or rebranding, Naming Magic is shaping the future of brand identity development.


  1. AI-Powered Company Name Generation: Utilizing GPT-3 natural language processing technology, Naming Magic intuitively generates unique, creative, and captivating company names that resonate with your business purpose.
  2. Domain Availability Verification: With Naming Magic, not only can you discover the perfect name for your company but also verify its domain availability instantly. This revolutionary feature eliminates guesswork and fast-tracks your digital establishment.
  3. Keyword-Driven Name Suggestion: Provide your preferred keywords, describe your product/service, and let Naming Magic’s intelligent algorithm create name suggestions tailored to your requirements. No longer is naming a hit-or-miss game.


  1. Streamlined Business Naming: Naming Magic expedites your company naming process, saving you precious time traditionally spent on brainstorming and name vetting.
  2. Innovation at Your Fingertips: With AI and GPT-3 at its core, Naming Magic offers innovative solutions, accelerating branding, and digital presence establishment.
  3. Customized Name Generation: Naming Magic’s keyword-driven name suggestion functionality ensures output that accurately represents your company’s offerings, identity, and spirit. This allows for a deeper connection with your potential audience and strengthens your brand image.

Potential Use Cases

  1. Business Naming for Entrepreneurs: Naming Magic offers the perfect solution to entrepreneurs in search of unique, representative company names, providing them with a pool of suggestions at lightning speed.
  2. Domain Availability Check for Digital Entrepreneurs: For digital entrepreneurs, checking domain availability becomes a hassle-free task with Naming Magic, enabling a quicker online setup.
  3. Brand Reinvention for Existing Businesses: Existing organizations considering rebranding can use Naming Magic to find fresh, relevant names that resonate with their evolving business goals while simultaneously checking domain availability.

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