Named By AI

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Named by AI is a creative baby name generator that utilizes artificial intelligence to discover exceptional baby names tailored to your specific preferences. The platform takes into consideration the baby’s gender, name origin, meaning, popularity, and more, offering you a personalized list of baby names to choose from.


  • AI-powered baby name generation
  • Customization based on gender, origin, meaning, and popularity
  • Option to avoid certain names
  • Support for nicknames or shortened versions


  • Personalized name suggestions tailored to your preferences
  • Simplify your name search with AI assistance
  • Discover rare and unique names or popular favorites
  • Save time and reduce stress during the baby-naming process

Potential Use Cases:

  • Perfect for expectant parents looking for unique or meaningful baby names
  • Ideal for writers searching for names for their characters
  • Serve as a creative tool for naming fictional worlds, creatures, or objects

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