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What is Morgen Calendar?

Morgen Calendar is an AI-powered tool that helps users automate their time management and streamline their workflows. It offers a range of features designed to optimize team scheduling, improve time management, and provide actionable insights for increased productivity.

With Morgen Calendar, users can deploy ready-built workflows, customize their workflows according to their needs, and easily sync and integrate their tools and calendars. The tool also offers Slack integration, allowing users to connect Slack for proactive calendar and time management assistance.

Morgen Calendar aims to empower users to automate their workflows and improve their productivity in a way that suits their unique working style.

Key features of Morgen Calendar include:

  • Team Focus Time Optimizer: Reschedules team meetings to decrease time fragmentation and increase deep work time.
  • Calendar Propagation: Syncs events from one calendar to another while keeping personal event details private.
  • Schedule Travel Time: Calculates and schedules travel time to and from events based on event details and preferred mode of travel.
  • Smart Assistance: Provides real-time smart assistance through Slack integration, including agenda management and rescheduling recommendations.
  • Actionable Insights: Offers a dashboard with actionable data to monitor team focus time and identify potential burnout signals.

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