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What is Metering.ai?

Metering.ai is a no-code tool that helps convert usage data into Stripe invoices without the need for maintaining multiple Google sheets or Excel spreadsheets.

It is designed for B2B SaaS companies that face challenges in converting their usage data into invoices on different billing platforms like Stripe, Zuora, Chargebee, or Recurly.

With Metering.ai, users can automate the process of aggregating and transforming raw usage data into metered values that are accepted by their billing system.

This eliminates the need for manual work and saves valuable time for product managers, finance executives, and customer success managers.

The tool supports various pricing models and computations, allowing users to implement complex pricing strategies based on consumption.

It also ensures accurate and automated calculations, reducing the risk of billing errors and disputes. Metering.ai is a free add-on to existing billing systems and requires no coding or engineering effort.

Key features of Metering.ai:

  • – Bridge the gap between product usage and Stripe billing
  • – Automate the process of aggregating and transforming usage data
  • – Support for various pricing models and computations
  • – No-code solution, no coding or engineering effort required
  • – Accurate and automated calculations
  • – Integration with popular billing systems like Stripe, Zuora, Chargebee, and Recurly
  • – Free to use

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