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Memable is a unique platform that utilizes AI technology for effectively bookmarking and recalling information. The platform enables users to curate their ideas, engage in AI-prompted conversations, and visualize ideas. Memable is designed to overcome common information retention issues and help users remember learned content.


  • AI-Powered Bookmarks: Allows users to bookmark not just content or website, but the core ideas themselves.
  • Map of Ideas: Navigate and visualize your ideas and their likelihood of being forgotten over time.
  • Recall Copilot: Strengthen your long-term memory through meaningful AI-prompted conversations.
  • Library: Go beyond summaries and curate your ideas effectively.
  • Premium features: Early access to Beta Features and Priority Support for premium users.


  • Combat Information Overload: Efficiently organize and recall crucial information among vast online content.
  • Enhanced Recall: Aids in consolidating learned information into long-term memory.
  • Interactive Learning: Allows users to chat, ideate, recall, and visualize to pick up their train of thought from where they left.
  • Support for Visual Learners: Provides a map of ideas catering to visual learners who better connect ideas when visualized.
  • Flexible Pricing Plan: Offers both free and premium plans according to user’s requirement.

Potential Use Cases

  • Students and Learners: Excellent tool for students to summarize and recall learned information over time.
  • Content Curators: Ideal for content curators to effectively bookmark and recall key ideas.
  • Researchers: Proves beneficial for researchers to keep track of various sources and key findings.
  • Project Managers: Helps project managers to bookmark and recollect important project ideas or processes.

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