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What is KnowBuddy?

KnowBuddy is a powerful chatbot that utilizes the latest artificial intelligence technology to assist users in performing tasks and answering questions. It is designed to be easy, secure, and reliable, making it a valuable tool for improving everyday life. KnowBuddy is currently available on WhatsApp, with plans to expand to Discord and Telegram in the future.

Key Features:

  • Powered by advanced AI models and services
  • Offers a growing list of AI capabilities
  • Provides free-text messaging and command-based interactions
  • Commands allow users to perform impressive tasks quickly and easily
  • Examples of commands include generating AI-generated images, finding similar products online, receiving price drop notifications, translating text, generating recipe ideas, and more
  • Users can submit ideas for new commands
  • Free to use initially, with a small fee per 5 messages after the first 5 messages
  • Prioritizes user privacy and takes measures to protect personal information
  • Users have control over opting in to receive texts and can request access to or deletion of their personal information

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