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HARPA AI | Automation Agent with Claude & GPT

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What is HARPA AI – Automation Agent with Claude & GPT?

HARPA AI – Automation Agent with Claude & GPT is a Chrome Extension designed to enhance web browsing and automation by integrating advanced AI technologies. This tool serves as your personal AI copilot, bringing the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, ClaudeAI, and Bard to any website you visit.

Key features include the ability to automate searches, summarize content, translate and write directly on web pages, and much more. HARPA enables users to interact with AI chat on any site, providing GPT-driven answers alongside search results from popular search engines. It can summarize YouTube videos, generate SEO keywords, craft emails in a unique voice, and assist with social media marketing by creating relevant captions and hashtags.

Additionally, HARPA offers over 100 predefined commands for various tasks like grammar checking, trip planning, SEO content writing, and even creating custom AI-powered automation workflows without coding. It’s built with privacy in mind, ensuring that all data remains local to the user’s browser.



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