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GptGO – ChatGPT from any tab is an innovative browser extension that integrates ChatGPT into your everyday browsing. The tool streamlines your navigation, providing instant access to ChatGPT without the need to switch tabs. GptGO fosters productivity, delivering AI-powered browsing that offers speed, accuracy, and relevance across your browser-based activities. As an extension moving amid a focused niche, its main objective is to offer a user-friendly and effortless way to incorporate AI chat into the browsing process.


  • Instant Access to ChatGPT
  • Quick Search Feature
  • View Search History from the Popup
  • Support for ChatGPT API
  • Improved Search Times


  • Boost Browser Productivity
  • Seamless Integration with ChatGPT
  • Faster, Efficient Searching
  • Ethical Use Encouragement

Potential Use Cases

  • Easy Access to ChatGPT during Browsing
  • Boosting Productivity during Work or Study
  • Quick Search for Information or Answers

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