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What is Ghola?

Ghola is a website that offers personalized chat bots powered by AI technology. The main objective of Ghola is to provide a secure and encouraging platform for individuals to explore their thoughts and feelings, leading to self-awareness and personal development. By employing chatbot AI technology, Ghola aims to help people make positive changes in their lives and realize their full potential.

Key features of Ghola include:

  • Customizable Parameters: Users can add descriptions and attributes to their chat bots, allowing for a more personalized experience.
  • Multiple Profiles: Users can create multiple chat bots with different personalities and interests.
  • Profile Sharing: Users can share their chat bots with others and receive feedback on their chat bot’s personality.
  • Conversation Showcase: Users can share their funniest or most insightful conversations and allow others to continue the conversation.
  • Backend API: Ghola provides an API for users to integrate their chat bot profiles into their own projects and services.
  • Group Conversations (Beta): Users can chat with multiple chat bots at once and observe how they interact with each other.
  • Profile Documents (In Development): Users will soon be able to augment their chat bots with PDFs, images, and other documents for reference.

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