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Gentrace is a cutting-edge platform designed to evaluate generative AI in test and production environments. It offers a unique blend of AI, heuristic, and human evaluators to ensure quality and regression testing in development and CI/CD. Gentrace also provides monitoring capabilities in production, making it a comprehensive solution for AI testing and evaluation.

What are the Key Features of Gentrace?

  1. Automated Grading in Test:
    • Gentrace eliminates the need for spreadsheets in testing, using AI and heuristic evaluators to assess for regressions and hallucinations.
    • It focuses on factualness, similarity, and conciseness in its evaluation process.
  2. Monitoring and Grading in Production:
    • Gentrace allows users to grade production runs using evaluators and end-user feedback.
    • It monitors production for speed and cost, ensuring optimal performance.
  3. Trace and Test Agents:
    • Gentrace provides the ability to see agent and chain traces in Observe and Evaluate.
    • It uses Processors to simplify trace data for evaluation.

What are the Benefits of using Gentrace?

  1. Efficient Evaluation:
    • Gentrace provides a streamlined process for evaluating AI in both test and production environments.
    • It ensures accurate and efficient grading of AI performance.
  2. Comprehensive Monitoring:
    • The platform offers detailed monitoring of production runs, including speed and cost.
    • This allows for real-time adjustments and improvements.
  3. Simplified Data Processing:
    • Its Processors simplify trace data for evaluation, making it easier to understand and analyze AI performance.

What are the Use Cases of Gentrace?

  1. AI Development:
    • Gentrace can be used in the development phase to test AI for quality and regression using AI and heuristic evaluators.
  2. Production Monitoring:
    • In production, Gentrace can be used to monitor AI performance in terms of speed and cost.
    • It also allows for grading of production runs using evaluators and end-user feedback.
  3. Data Analysis:
    • Its Processors can be used to simplify trace data for evaluation, making it easier to analyze and understand AI performance.

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