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What is Gems?

Gems is an AI-powered knowledge assistant that allows users to access ready-to-use answers from their accumulated knowledge.

It eliminates the need for manual organization and provides a shortcut for finding information quickly and effortlessly. With Gems, users can ask questions in their own words or provide context by clipping text.

The tool synthesizes structured answers, known as Gems, based on the user’s knowledge and team’s collective knowledge. It centralizes all knowledge into one place, making it easy to connect information and understand the relationships between different pieces of knowledge.

Gems also allows users to share and document information with zero writing required, making knowledge sharing seamless. It is loved by professionals from top companies such as Bain and Company, Credit Suisse, Gartner, and more.

Key features of Gems include:

  • Instant answers: Get synthesized, ready-to-use answers based on accumulated knowledge.
  • Connect team knowledge: Search and formulate answers based on the collective knowledge of the team.
  • Never lose sources: Gems provides sources with each answer for easy reference.
  • All knowledge centralized: Bring all knowledge into one place without any manual organization.
  • See connections: Understand how different pieces of knowledge are connected.
  • Share and document: Paste Gems into any app with one click or share them in spaces with colleagues and friends.

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