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What is Ferdinand?

Ferdinand is a chatbot that aims to help teams build their data culture and skills through interactive mini-courses, all within the Slack platform. It provides the tools and resources needed to grow businesses by training teams in data and analytics.

With Ferdinand, users can learn from courses on various themes such as marketing, sales, and product, among others. The platform offers interactive mini-courses that can be completed in just 5-10 minutes, making it convenient for users to learn at their own pace.

Additionally, Ferdinand allows users to create learning paths for their team members and decide when they will receive the courses. The chatbot also removes barriers to learning by delivering courses directly in Slack, a tool that teams use every day. Users can track their team’s progress from Ferdinand’s interface, ensuring that everyone is developing their data knowledge.

Key features of Ferdinand include:

  • Interactive mini-courses on various data-related topics
  • Customizable learning paths for team members
  • Courses delivered directly in Slack
  • Progress tracking for team members
  • Integration with important apps

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