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Conquering Information Overload with Feedly AI: Your Personal Research Assistant”


In the era of ‘information overload’, ensuring that the right data is being paid the right attention has become a draining challenge. But it doesn’t have to be! Say hello to Feedly AI, your personal research assistant. Feedly AI simplifies your information gathering process by focusing on specific topics and trends that matter the most to you. Unlike simple news filtering tools, Feedly AI uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to cut out the noise, helping you effectively combat information overload.

Key Features

  • Automated Content Analysis: Feedly AI not just reads but also analyzes your content efficiently.
  • Customized Prioritization: Feedly AI offers total control, letting you prioritize the topics, trends, and keywords of your choice.
  • Repetitive News Deduplication: Bid goodbye to reading the same news over and over. Feedly AI ensures you’re fed unique news.
  • Irrelevant Information Muting: Feedly AI smartly wipes out any information that is not significant or relevant to you.
  • Article Summarization: The tool provides a brief summary of lengthy articles, making it easier for quick reads.


  • Time Saver: Free your mind and focus on what matters the most to you with Feedly AI taking care of your information gathering.
  • Intelligent Learning: Feedly AI learns continuously from your actions like saving articles to a board and adjusts future recommendations accordingly.
  • User-Friendly: Feedly AI prioritizes the identified articles and provides an explanation for the users, ensuring clarity and better usage.

Use Cases

  1. Business Intelligence: If you’re a business professional monitoring a broad business feed. Feedly AI can analyze all the articles and prioritize the most useful ones under the new ‘Priority Tab’.
  2. Trend Watchers: Say you’re interested in a trending topic like ‘autonomous cars’. When trained, Feedly AI can read all articles in your feed and prioritize the ones mentioning autonomous cars.
  3. Error Correction: Made a mistake? Feedly AI allows you to refine future recommendations with the “Less Like This” button.

So, don’t wait for the information tide to sweep you away. Sign up today and let Feedly AI help you surf the wave easily!


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