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What is faqmy.website?

faqmy.website is a platform that allows you to instantly create AI trained chatbots for your company’s website. It is an AI chatbot builder that enables you to customize and train chatbots based on your business FAQ’s and data. With faqmy.website, you can easily create an AI chatbot that can answer customer questions, provide information, and assist with sales.

Key features:

  • Train your Chatbot: Use the power of AI to answer questions, upload documents, and scan your website to train your chatbot.
  • Embed your Chatbot: Easily integrate your chatbot onto your website by copying and pasting the code.
  • Improve and Learn: Continuously teach your chatbot new things as customers ask more questions and you add more information.
  • AI Salesperson: Train a personalized AI salesperson and FAQ answerer in minutes.
  • Boost Conversions: Prevent customer confusion and turn visitors into customers with an effective chatbot.
  • Customize your Chatbot: Brand your chatbot with your choice of logo, color, and assistant name.

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