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What is ESAI?

ESAI is an online platform designed to leverage generative AI technology to assist users in crafting various types of written content, focusing primarily on educational and professional development. It aims to make higher education and career opportunities more accessible to individuals from all backgrounds by providing tools that enhance their unique stories.

Key features of the ES.AI:

  • College App Tool: A specialized tool designed to help students navigate the college application process more effectively.
  • Internship Opportunities: Information and application details for internships that can provide valuable professional experience.
  • Resources for Schools: Dedicated services and tools tailored for educational institutions.
  • Subscription Service: Users can subscribe to access the complete collection of ESAI tools in real-time, enhancing their document creation process.
  • Individual ESAI Tools for Purchase: Options to buy access to specific tools like the College Admissions Tool, College Class Essay AI Tool, Cover Letter AI Tool, Email Copy AI tool, and the Letter of Continued Interest Tool.

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