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The world of Snapchat just got a lot more enticing with the release of “Dreams,” bringing an AI-driven refashioning of augmented reality as we know it. Breaking new grounds, Dreams allows Snapchatters to experience a whimsical metamorphosis of their digital persona into fantastical identities. From transforming into a deep-sea mermaid to a renaissance royal, your Dream avatar is only a few taps away. Available first to users in Austria and New Zealand, this interactive feature is set to roll out globally, creating a buzz and excitement amongst the user community eager to reimagine their Snapchat experience.


  • AI-Powered Personas: Dreams leverages Gen AI to transform avatar gifs into dreamlike personas.
  • User-Generated AI Selfies: Users can create up to eight Generative AI model selfies.
  • Multi-person Dreams: The feature will later allow joint dreams with friends who have also opted in.


  • Stimulates User Creativity: Users can channel their creativity by creating and depicting diverse personas.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Dreams encourages active user participation by transforming snapshots into dynamic art.
  • Social Connectivity: The soon-to-be-released multi-person Dream feature fosters social bonding and interactive fun.

Potential Use Cases:

  • Self-Expression: A creative platform for users to personify and express diverse facets of their personality.
  • Interactive Fun: A fun, engaging space for friends to connect and interact over shared Dream personas.
  • Cultural Exchange: An innovative way to exhibit and appreciate global and historical aesthetic styles.

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