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Unleash the Power of Data with DataLang: Your Personal Database Chatbot


DataLang is a platform that allows you to interact with your databases in a whole new way. By connecting your data sources, setting up data views, configuring a GPT Assistant, and publishing a custom GPT in the ChatGPT store, you can chat with your real-time data in natural language. This innovative approach to data management and analysis is designed to make your life easier, whether you’re a business owner, an employee, or a customer.

Key Features

  1. Smart, Real-Time Chats
    • Expose a specific set of data using SQL to train GPT, and then chat with it in natural language.
  2. Database to API
    • Automatically make your SQL views available via API.
  3. Chat with Your Database
    • Interact with your real-time data in natural language.
  4. Publish a Custom GPT
    • Share your custom GPT with your private users, or make it public.


  1. Efficient Data Management
    • By allowing you to chat with your databases, DataLang simplifies data management and makes it more efficient.
  2. Real-Time Data Interaction
    • With DataLang, you can interact with your real-time data in natural language, making data analysis more intuitive and accessible.
  3. Customizable GPT
    • DataLang allows you to create and publish a custom GPT, giving you the flexibility to tailor your data interaction to your specific needs.

Use Cases

  1. Sales Assistant
    • Add Sales, Customers, and Products data views to create a Sales Assistant and share it with your Sales team.
  2. Customer Data Interaction
    • Make a variant filtering a specific Customer so they can ask questions about their own data.
  3. Published ChatGPT
    • Have a published ChatGPT with your curated movies.
  4. SEO Assistant
    • Add your website pages and create an SEO Assistant.

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