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What is Crystal?

Crystal is a personality data platform that provides DISC personality profiles for any buyer. It offers a range of tools and features to help users understand the personality of the people they interact with, allowing for more personalized and effective communication.

Crystal’s AI analyzes publicly available data points and uses a proprietary DISC assessment to generate accurate personality insights. The platform can be used in various scenarios, including prospecting, writing, hiring, and management.

Crystal also integrates with other applications and offers enrichment services to provide a deeper understanding of contacts. With Crystal, users can build excellent communication skills and improve relationships with colleagues, customers, and prospects.

Key features:

  • Advanced prospecting: Understand the person behind the name before meeting them
  • Personalized outreach: Get tips for personalizing emails and messages
  • Tailored pitching: Identify do’s and don’ts and focus areas for pitches
  • Custom closing strategies: Understand a prospect’s personality before negotiation
  • Profile dashboard: Access tools and personality insights for yourself and others
  • Chrome extension: Uncover personality insights and receive communication guidance</li
  • Writing assistant: Customize messaging based on the recipient’s personality</li
  • Playbooks: Create cheat sheets for conversations and meetings
  • Enrichment: Gain a deeper understanding of contacts through bulk personality insights
  • Hiring tool: Identify the best personality types for team roles
  • Integrations: Bring personality data into existing workflows
  • Virtual meeting integration: Show personality data within online meetings
  • Calendar integration: Start meetings with knowledge of participants’ communication styles

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