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Clyde is Discord’s AI chatbot, leveraging OpenAI technology to enrich user interactions within servers. It’s designed to hang out with users, offering a range of functionalities like discovering new information, playing interactive games, and providing recommendations. Clyde’s integration into Discord makes it a versatile tool for both casual and serious Discord users, enhancing the overall chat experience with AI-driven interactions.


  • Diverse Interactions: Engage in conversations, play games, and get recommendations.
  • OpenAI Technology: Powered by advanced AI for responsive and relevant interactions.
  • Customizable Personality: Server admins can tailor Clyde’s personality to fit their server’s vibe.
  • Characters Beta: Allows further customization of Clyde’s display name, avatar, and profile theme.
  • Privacy Compliant: Adheres to Discord’s privacy policy, ensuring user data protection.
  • Community Integration: Seamlessly integrates into server environments for easy access.


  • Enhanced Server Engagement: Makes server interactions more lively and interactive.
  • Informational Resource: Provides quick answers and recommendations.
  • Customization Options: Allows for a personalized chatbot experience.
  • UserFriendly: Easy to use and interact with for all Discord users.
  • Safe and Secure: Ensures user privacy and data protection.

Potential Use Cases

  • Community Building: Ideal for engaging and entertaining server members.
  • Information Retrieval: Useful for quick searches and recommendations.
  • Interactive Gaming: Enhances server activities with AI-powered games.

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