Cardinal App

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Overview of Cardinal App

Cardinal is an AI-powered product backlog tool designed to streamline your product development process. It enriches your features with customer feedback and revenue data, helping you make informed decisions on what to build next. Loved by next-gen B2B SaaS and backed by reputable companies, Cardinal is the tool you need to manage your product backlog effectively.

Key Features

  1. AI-Powered Backlog: Cardinal uses AI to identify needs and features in your feedback calls and messages, helping you understand your customers better.
    • Syncs customer data from your CRM and CS tools.
    • Pulls in any customer and prospect feedback you have, manually or automatically.
    • Maps feedback to actual features and requests.
  2. Features CRM: Cardinal keeps your ideas and features up to date, with their dollar value, business impact, and progress.
    • Aligns GTM, Product, and Engineering.
    • Provides clear product strategy.
    • Offers smart revenue KPIs.
    • Gives live features progress auto-synced from their source of truth.
  3. Product AI: Cardinal works for you, finding feature requests in your customer feedback and fitting features into your strategy.
    • Identifies needs and features in your feedback.
    • Places each feature in your greater product strategy.
    • Calculates and forecasts revenue value for each feature.

What are the benefits of using Cardinal App?

  1. Data-Driven Decisions: Cardinal ensures you’re making decisions based on data you can trust.
    • Gives stakeholders visibility into results.
    • Provides a central place for your whole company to see the true impact of your entire product strategy.
  2. Improved Product Management: Cardinal simplifies product management, making it easier to manage customer feedback, backlog, and product roadmap.
    • Keeps everyone aligned on the product at all times.
  3. Revenue-Lead Product Approach: Cardinal allows you to tie feature requests directly to their revenue impact, providing a unique and valuable lens for product analysis.

Who is Cardinal App best suited for?

  1. For Product Managers: Cardinal helps product managers understand their customers better, align their teams, and make data-driven decisions.
    • Syncs customer data from CRM and CS tools.
    • Maps feedback to actual features and requests.
    • Keeps ideas and features up to date.
  2. For Sales and Customer Success Teams: Cardinal helps these teams align on users’ requests and needs.
    • Ingests feedback from systems like Slack.
    • Uses AI to extract features.
  3. For CTOs and Tech Leads: Cardinal helps tech leads capture signals effectively, especially across different teams with different tools.
    • Identifies needs and features in feedback.
    • Places each feature in the greater product strategy.

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