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Capture is a comprehensive suite designed to provide provenance infrastructure for digital media. It offers a range of tools to secure, authenticate, and monetize digital assets using blockchain technology. The platform is ideal for industries like media, fashion, and AI, where the authenticity and traceability of digital content are crucial. Capture’s solutions include a secure camera technology, a decentralized storage facility, an SDK for blockchain integration, and a verification tool. These features ensure the integrity of digital assets, combat misinformation, and protect intellectual property, making Capture a vital tool in today’s digital landscape.


  • Capture Cam: Secure camera technology for authentic captures.
  • Capture Dashboard: Decentralized storage and content verification.
  • Capture SDK: Toolkit for blockchain integration in applications.
  • Capture Eye: Blockchain-based verification of digital media edits.
  • NFT Integration: One-click transformation of assets into NFTs.


  • Enhanced Security: Protects digital assets from fraud and piracy.
  • Authenticity Assurance: Ensures the integrity of digital content.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguards creators’ rights.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Facilitates asset selling and NFT minting.
  • Industry Adaptability: Tailored solutions for various sectors.

Potential Use Cases

  • Media Industry: Safeguarding content authenticity and copyright.
  • Fashion Industry: Securing IP and fighting counterfeits.
  • AI Content: Ensuring the traceability of AI-generated content.
  • Digital Art: Authenticating and monetizing generative art.

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