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Booom: Revolutionizing Social Gaming with AI-Generated Trivia


Booom is a unique gaming platform that allows users to create, customize, and play trivia games generated by artificial intelligence. With over 60.1k games already generated, Booom offers an ad-free gaming experience that is both social and competitive.

Key Features

  1. AI-Generated Trivia Games: Booom uses AI to generate trivia content from a single prompt, providing limitless content for users to enjoy.
    • Users can create their own games using the Beta AI Editor.
    • The platform supports multiplayer games, allowing users to invite up to 8 friends by sharing a QR code.
  2. Customization Options: Booom allows users to express their creativity by customizing their games.
    • Users can upload animated stickers and 5-second videos as game backgrounds.
    • The platform also offers various templates for users to remix and create new games.
  3. Competitive Gaming: Booom includes a built-in scoring system and leaderboard to make the games more competitive.
    • Users can stream the game screen and play together, making the experience more social.


  1. Limitless Content: With AI-generated trivia games, users have access to an endless supply of unique and engaging content.
  2. Social Gaming: Booom’s multiplayer feature and game streaming option make it a perfect platform for social gaming.
  3. Creative Freedom: The ability to customize games allows users to express their creativity and make each game unique.
  4. Competitive Fun: The built-in scoring system and leaderboard add a competitive edge to the games, making them more exciting.

Use Cases

  1. Social Gatherings: Booom can be used at social gatherings to engage guests in a fun and competitive trivia game.
    • The multiplayer feature allows everyone to participate.
    • The game streaming option can be used to display the game on a larger screen.
  2. Online Parties: During online parties or virtual meetups, Booom can be used to play trivia games and keep everyone entertained.
    • The AI-generated content ensures that the games are always fresh and engaging.
  3. Personal Use: Individuals can use Booom to play trivia games and challenge themselves.
    • The leaderboard feature allows users to track their progress and aim for higher scores.

In conclusion, Booom is a revolutionary platform that combines artificial intelligence and social gaming to provide a unique and engaging gaming experience.

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