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What is AyaIQ?

AyaIQ is a ChatGPT-powered intelligent assistant that offers a better chat experience with its reimagined interface. It allows users to get answers, assistance, and insights more effectively and efficiently than ever before. With AyaIQ, users can create, analyze, learn, and write.

Key features of AyaIQ include:

  • Spacious text input, allowing users to see questions and answers side-by-side.
  • No need to re-copy prompts, as users can edit them directly.
  • Easy saving of prompts with just a click.
  • Access to a list of curated prompts for guidance.
  • Intuitive user interface for a seamless prompting experience.
  • Personalized prompt library to tailor prompts to individual preferences.
  • Handpicked prompts to spark creativity and enhance work.
  • Effective prompting with the right words at your fingertips.
  • Enhanced speed in generating responses.
  • Prompt organization for quick and easy access.
  • User-friendly interface for users of all technical expertise levels.
  • Streamlined workflow for effortless generation of AI-powered text.

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